Best and Worst Zombie Movies

5th Best: Zombieland

Zombieland had one of the largest zombie movie budgets of all time ($23.6 million) as well as Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray.

5th Worst: Zombie Prom – The Musical

Not bad for the genre of Zombie Musical, but as a pure zombie film, unfortunately, Zombie Prom doesn’t deliver enough mayhem to match its music.

4th Best: Zombie Flesh Eaters

Zombie Flesh Eaters takes us back to Voodoo roots and is at the top of the scale ghoul and gore-wise.

4th Worst: Gangs of The Dead

Gangs of The Dead has over-the-top racial stereotypes along with what a lot of people would call a bottom of the barrel script.

3rd Best: Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead brings us zombies at the mall. But will they be trying on the latest fashions?

3rd Worst: Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers – The name pretty much tells you all you need to know, doesn’t it?

2nd Best: BrainDead

Without BrainDead we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the Sumatran Rat-Monkey attack or the epic lawn-mower slasher scene that the film is so known for!

2nd Worst: Redneck Zombies

Redneck Zombies features hillbillies who use radioactive waste to brew moonshine, and is just your basic no-budget horror of a movie.

Worst: Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 From Outer Space has it all: bad acting, amateurish sets and one of the worst scripts ever.

Best: Shaun of the Dead

With Shaun of the Dead you get killing, comedy, a bit of funny stupidity and best of all, Simon Pegg! How could it not be our #1?


  1. says

    Candy corn is the crystal meth of candy. It’s disgusting, bad for you, and nobody with any sense would ever touch it in the first place, but as soon as you eat one piece you’re hooked and have to keep pounding it down.

  2. Ian N says

    “Black Sheep” is New Zealand’s sheep answer to Shaun of the Dead, and is up there with the best. “Fido” is Pleasantville with zombies, well worth watching.