Best Ways to Search for Jobs Online

Getting Social: Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Networking is key to finding that new job. And with social media, a lot of us have much wider groups of people to look to for information on what employment might be available.

Career Contacts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about careers, and it’s a great place to maintain contacts with people in your line of work. Remember, it’s better to maintain those contacts all the time than to just try to make them happen when you’re looking for a job.

Job Search Sites

If you are looking for jobs in a specific geographic area, check out,, or the classic site, For a glimpse of what life is like in specific companies, try

Specialized Job Sites

Many sites address certain fields exclusively. If you’re looking for a tech-related job, check out and You can find government jobs at Jobs with non-profit organizations are at And if you’re looking to build experience you might try


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