Biggest Surprises of 2012

The End of Hostess Twinkies

First and foremost… and I think THE most important surprise of them all… the loss of our beloved Twinkies!

Google+ Communities Rolls Out

Google+ Communities has made it easier for people to form their own interest groups by putting online community creation tools in everyone’s hands.

iPad Mini Introduced

Steve Jobs swore that Apple wasn’t interested in making a smaller tablet than the traditional iPad, but this year saw the release of the iPad Mini.

Charms of Windows 8

There were definitely a lot of mixed reviews of Windows 8, but in my opinion, they did a great job! You guys know I use a Mac. I love it. I surprisingly WANT to use both systems.

3D Printing Gets More Accesible

3D printing isn’t new this year, but I have been surprised at how accessible it got! It started with the Makerbot a while ago, and now everyone’s printing everything!

RIM Still Exists

Research In Motion and their BlackBerry platform used to own the enterprise phone market, but with more and more big corporations going iOS or Android, RIM is looking like an endangered species.


  1. says

    3D printing is the new technology I heard few months ago, but have not yet seen in the market or its working, so please I request GeekBeat team to show us the video clip of using that.