BlogWorld Tips – How to Create Meaningful Content!

If you watched our live-stream of BlogWorld 2012, then you know that we’ve been talking to the greatest people at BlogWorld including C.C. Chapman, best-selling author of the book “Content Rules.”

In this video, he’s giving you his 3 tips to creating great and meaningful content!

How to Create Meaningful Content

1.) Speak from Your Heart!
Be passionate about what you want to cover and it will automatically be more meaningful.

2.) Be Human!
Don’t be a robot! Speak like a real human being speaks!!

3.) Play to Your Strengths!
We aren’t good at everything so focus on what you are the best at!


  1. says

    Great tips! And as a daily life blogger I totally agree with Brian’s comment. Try to have something that people can learn or laugh at – a take away. Many mom bloggers miss that mark, including myself at times.

  2. says

    I couldn’t agree more. We are more passionate about what we are good at and conversational language is much, much better than business jargon. Lastly, however, there has to be some “meat” in the content that readers want to know or want to learn. In other words, you have to have something worth communicating.