BookBook iPad Case & Stand Review

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that both John P and I were using our MacBook Pro BookBook cases on air. Twelve South recently released an iPad version.

It’s a leather case that looks like an old book for the iPad 2 or New iPad. Each of these are handmade, so yours will be slightly different than someone else’s. If you visit coffee shops or bars often, or leave your stuff at your college desk, this might prove to be useful. No one will know there’s a valuable iPad hidden inside! Or at least, that’s the idea.

Know one thing. It is leather, and as a result will be stiff when you first get it. So you’ll need to work on it to increase its flexibility. They sell for $80.


  1. Mark Albala says

    Hey Cali, I just picked up a case for my Ipad and Mac Air, which looks like it will work perfectly and looks more like a book bag than a briefcase. The Zuma 2 Photo Day bag fits the Ipad, Mac Air and all the other stuff I need to take with me on my travels. It is extremely small and light.

    I think something worthy of mentioning.

    I have also been taking with me on my flights (I fly quite a bit) the Parrot Zik headphones. I never knew some of the instruments I hear in the music were actually there until I heard it through these headphones. And the app that accompanies them really does make them shine.