BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Eases iPhone Users’ Droid Envy

So you’ve got your shiny new iPhone 4, but that new iPhone feeling isn’t what it used to be. Sure, it’s beautifully designed with a great UI and an outstanding screen, but something’s missing. You’re just not getting that feeling that you’ve got, far and away, the best phone there is. There are all those Androids out there.

Sure, the iPhone beats Android hands down… at least in some respects. But not in every respect. You can’t help but feel a little frustrated, perhaps even envious. Just once in a while. It’s okay, we won’t tell.

BoxWave won’t tell either – and they’ll go one better for you, and help out a bit, maybe reduce some of that envy you can’t help but feel. They’ll do it with their Keyboard Buddy iPhone 4 case.

It’s a beautiful little case in its own right, with a built-in slider bluetooth keyboard. It adds a bit to the iPhone 4’s thickness, but virtually nothing to its footprint. This allows for quick, smooth transitions from the iPhone’s touchscreen keyboard to the physical side.

Regular price is $79 USD, with a web special currently running that has it at $69, with free shipping. A bit steep for a case, but with a keyboard too? Not so bad I think. What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments!

(via Engadget)


  1. says

    wow i love this idea I think this is an amazing thing for the iphone 4 but in your description of the device you said iphone beat android hands down that’s not true with flash 10 support and all the other wonderful features android phones can do what they can do over the iphone will always outweigh the decision wifi tethering for instance iphone does not do that unless you jailbreak it or something like that steve jobs did not do a good job on the iphone sad but true don’t get me wrong I love my iphone 4 but I love my android phones more android phones are getting better and better and the iphone is always pretty much the same and android phones don’t lose reception wen you turn them the wrong way ……..

    • says

      Actually I said the iphone beats Android *in some respects*. I’m not actually an iphone fan; I use an Android phone myself. :) Each platform has advantages and disadvantages over the other. It’s a question of which works better for the individual user.

  2. says

    See now if you had made clear comparisons instead of definitive and unsubstantiated statements it would have been more clear. I still disagreevas I understood the comparison as most would. I see your point re: “droid” term just think trashing the iPhone made no sense as the statement re: the iphone is superior in many respects regardless of hardware or software comparions.

    I am in no way a fan boy and truth be told was always hoping winmo could get their shit together and develop a competitive OS sooner. After being disappointed the Andriod device, HTC Desire i moved to the iphone which…as stated suited my needs far better.

    The unreasonably expensive comment to me implied price and i totally see your point when laid out re: value but that again comes down to a person’s needs. For the needs i have the iPhone is superior to the driod device I had used. The media functionality is superior and i don’t even use a mac whereupon it would be even more valuable to my needs. On the other hand I am the 1% of iPhone users who actually utilize every possible function to it’s fullest unlike the majority who…yes…buy it because it is cool.

  3. says

    Although you are right I think most reasonable people assume that when referring to the iPhone it is interchangebale with it’s iOS as they go hand in hand. In this example it is fair to assume the reference to the Android devices would be those running that OS and with phones that have built in keyboards. Try not to be so literal…wow.

    • George says

      It is an unreasonable assumption *in this case* because the vast majority of Android phones do not have a physical keyboard anyway, as comparing Apple Inc. and oranges.

      Regarding my other comment “its unreasonably expensive” and the response “my iPhone 4 was only $50 more than my Android phone”: *Unreasonably* expensive implies value, not just cost. Some Android phones will cost more than the iPhone and some will cost less but most if not all will offer better value for money. If it cost the same, you would get more. I also ignored special offers such as the $99 iPhone 3GS after the iPhone 4’s release, which was seemingly only available in the US anyway. If it were just a flat comparison of cost, you could say the HTC Wildfire is $300 USD and the iPhone 4 is $700 USD, making it $400 or 233% of the price, or you could compare it to the Samsung Galaxy S for $600 USD, $100 more or 117% of the price. This isn’t really appropriate, so you have to compare value e.g. the Galaxy S costs less and is better hardware.

      Anyway I’m not trying to start a flame war because any fanboys who chime in can be so fanatical that I may as well surrender now.

  4. says

    “Sure, the iPhone beats Android hands down… at least in some respects”

    Putting the fact that the iPhone is a device and Android is an operating system, so they can’t really be compared (you could compare the iPhone to a single phone running Android, or iOS to Android), the only respect I could think of is that its unreasonably expensive and therefore is good status symbol – “look at all this money I have (had).”

    • Adam says

      hahaha; That’s so true. I laugh at all the iPhone fanboys and how they only have one to choose from and Android has Hundreds. Way to tell it like it is

      • says

        “in some respects”

        This is also a fair statement. The iPod functionality is superb and unparalleled. If you enjoy having your media and access to podcasts etc there is no comparison. I have owned Winmo devices and went to Android for tethering and was never pleased with media functionality so went to iPhone. Fair to say in some respefts it destroys Android OS and in my extensive experince with multiple OS’s you have pros and cons for each and choosing one over another you give up some aspects that are weaker to have the best for what suits your needs.

        The cost comment is also unfounded as my iPhone 4 was only $50 more than my Android phone.

      • Brandy says

        you mean hundreds of fail attempts at trying to even come close to competing with the superior iPhone.

        k.i.s.s. – keep it simple stupid!