Braven Six Series Portable Speakers Pack Some Serious Power

Bluetooth speakers let you take music from your mobile source and turn it into something everyone in the room can enjoy. They’re usually meant to be portable, so size and weight count. The Braven Six Series speakers are surprisingly light while delivering solid sound. They also have powerful batteries in them – so much so that they can be used not just to power themselves, but to give some extra juice to your phone. Playtimes from those batteries range from 16 – 20 hours. They also have audio-in and out ports for daisy chaining. Even a built-in flashlight, making it a nice choice when camping.


  1. Mike Nash says

    The Braven is a great looking device, but has a fatal design flaw in the side buttons. They are small and impossible to read. In comparison, the JamBox buttons are on top, easy to read and access. Audio and battery life gives this an A+ button design gets a D-

  2. Duane says

    These speakers sound intruiging, but is it too much to ask that folks PLEASE reserve your A/V gear for home and yard duty, so that other campers can enjoy being in the outdoors?