BrickHouse Security Toddler Tag Review

The Toddler Tag Child Locator from BrickHouse Security is a simple little gadget designed to help keep track of your child’s whereabouts.

After attaching a locator device to your child (like on a shoe or belt), the transmitter will sound an alarm when your child moves more than 30 feet away and then once again at 150 feet. You can also press the transmitter’s button at any time for an audio alert. The Toddler Tag Child Locator works out of the box after simply pairing the two devices.

How it Works

The transmitter and receiver appear durable. We tested the unit at our grocery store and found it to work pretty well. Rather than testing it on our actual child, I acted like a responsible adult and attached it to a doll and then left it alone in the darkest, scariest corner of the store. Sure enough, once I got around 30 feet away I was alerted to my neglectful ways. And around 150 feet we heard the transmitter alert, but could no longer hear the receiver’s alert.

Of course, that presents a problem on the far end. Because without being able to hear the unit on the child, I needed to know where to actually look. So as with any security related device one needs to pair some common sense with its use. You probably don’t want your child wandering far enough away that you no longer have a visual on them. But if they do, at least you’ll get a warning and be able to immediately take action.

Final Thoughts

For our family, I don’t think we’d use this on a day to day basis. Partially because of the fact it’s one more thing we need to remember to do before leaving the house, and partially because after you have a few kids… heck, we’ve got spares (kidding folks!).

But for $30, it would be a nice addition for added security at our playground or local park. The Toddler Tag Child Locator works as advertised. If your child is old enough to run away, and you don’t want to put one of those stupid looking dog leash things on them, get a BrickHouse Toddler Tag.


  1. says

    DeatMeatGF – Do you have kids? I agree with Samuel. I only have 1 child and it is simply not realistic that you’ll hold their hand the entire time you are out.

    Even if you wanted to, a 4 year-old child is going to want to gain some form of what they perceive to be independence. Allowing them to occassionally walk near you but without holding your hand, as my daughter often requests, “Daddy, can I please walk by myself?” (her definition of by herself is still within her own arm’s reach of my hand, but not actually holding my hand).

    Depending on the situation I allow it.

    Also, parenting involves more than just hand-holding, and some of those other things require both of your hands (e.g., dishing up lunch in the park…try to do it whilst holding a toddler’s hand, I dare you). In those events it’s nice to know there’s this “virtual” hand-holder.

    • Samuel Smith says

      I don’t have four hands, DeadMeatGF…
      This is a great idea, similar to my Bachelors’ capstone project which was a GPS tag with smartphone locator app. It’s LoJack for kids. My four year old would benefit from this – I’d keep it on him day and night! (He’s snuck out of the house to go to the store, playground, neighbors’ roofs, etc.)