Cadillac ATS First Drive Impressions (Video and Photos)

Tech in the Cadillac ATS

We loved the tech in the Cadillac ATS – it was the smoothest and most user-friendly collection of technology we’ve ever seen in a car. It’s got a great heads-up display that gives you the speed, as well as what the speed limit is for the road you’re on, RPM, and more.

Performance at the Heart of the Car

All the tech would mean nothing if the ATS wasn’t a solidly-performing car underneath it all. Happily, it really delivers! It’s a fun car to drive and John was particularly enjoying the paddle shifters.

Taking the Cadillac ATS Onto the Track

After checking out all this cool tech, John and I HAD to try the ATS out on the track. This was where we got to see just how the car could perform when we weren’t trying to stick to speed limits.

The Photo Gallery