CE Line Shows 2013 – The Gear We’re Taking


First things first, the food! The boys are going to be driving cross-country from Dallas to New York, so they need lots of snacks to eat in the truck.

Blue enCORE 100 Microphone

We’re testing out the Blue enCORE 100 microphone for walking around the show and doing interviews with vendors. Watch for it!

Canon Vixia Cameras

We always use our Canon Vixias on the set, rigged with tally lights to let us know which camera is live.

JamHub GreenRoom

The JamHub GreenRoom is a portable headphone mixer that will allow us to get just the right balance on our livestream sound.

Anchor Desk

Of course, we’ll be taking our regular desk that John and I always use on the Geek Beat Live shows. John custom made this desk to be easy to disassemble and take with us for shows like this.

360Hero Camera Mount

We’ll also be taking a prototype 360Hero mount for GoPro Cameras to let us capture a 360-degree view of the show with up to six GoPros at once!

Drobo Mini

The Drobo Mini always goes with us when we shoot on the road to make sure all that work gets safely backed up.

LG Cinema Screen Monitors

We always need monitors around the set to keep up with the chat rooms and see what the show is looking like as it goes out to viewers, so we’re taking these LG screens for that.


Something new this year is a roll of carpet to put under our chairs to give the rollers a little resistance. The floor at the venue is very smooth and a pushed roller chair can go a loooooong way!

Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage

The Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage will keep our GoPro cameras very secure, no matter what crazy things the boys decide to do with them on the trip to New York.

DJI Phantom Quadcopter

It’s been off getting repaired, but now the DJI Phantom is back and John plans to get lots of use out of it during the road trip.

Atomos Ninja 2

The Atomos Ninja 2 is both a portable monitor and a video recorder that will speed up our workflow.

Custom Broadcast System

Kien Tran built us an awesome broadcast system, with all the gear that’s normally in our control booth packed into a shock-mounted case. It’s got our main TriCaster 855, a compressor/limiter, a smart video hub, four Mac Minis to bring in up to four Skype feeds at once, a drawer with keyboard and mouse, a KVM switch, our big mixer and three monitors.

Teradek Bond

The Teradek Bond will combine up six USB wireless cards to stream wirelessly from anywhere on multiple carriers.