CE Line Shows 2013 – UniKey Kevo Locks

UniKey Kevo LockUniKey first appeared on Shark Tank with one heck of a crazy idea; getting rid of keys and using your phone to open the locks. They had plans for either partnering with a large corporation or selling the Unikey independently. They have taken the former route (with Kwikset and Weiser) and will release Kevo, the Bluetooth-enabled door knob.

The concept is for you to unlock your doors with just your phone using the built-in Bluetooth connection, but you will also be able to use the included key fob in case you don’t have your phone or run out of battery power. Being able to just walk in your house without handling keys is convenient, but being able to lend and control other virtual copies of the key is what stands out in this product. You can send keys to your family and friends but you are also able to send a key to your maid, for example, who comes to work at 2 PM every Tuesday. You can limit her key access from 2 to 3 PM, ensuring she will only be able to use it during those times.

If you have a visitor staying over, you can send them a key through text, either for a one-time use or a permanent solution. Should your phone ever become lost or stolen, you can reset the lock to work on your new phone. Kevo will be available in the US and Canadian markets through Kwikset and Weiser (respectively) with an estimated price tag between $99 and $199 and will be available in your local home improvement stores, as well as online.

We’ll be taking a closer look at Kevo in our live coverage from the CE Line Shows on June 27th. Make sure to check it out!