CES 2013 – HexBright Programmable Flashlight

HexBright Programmable Flashlight

Looking for a very geeky flashlight? The HexBright is bright (500 lumens for an hour), but it’s also programmable. Just plug in a USB cable and load custom code into it for variable brightness, pre-set Morse code, or anything else you can imagine a flashlight doing. Oh, and it’s also open-source.

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Hosts, Cali Lewis and John P.



  1. Justin says

    You may naysay about the HexBright, but this flashlight is worth every penny of the $99. I like it enough I’m tempted to buy more to give away as presents. I have never held a flashlight like this, it goes beyond the quality and finish of every flashlight I have seen. Through a bit of coding (not too complicated unless you want to rewrite the code base) you can control every aspect of this light, from the red and green button LED’s to the accelerometer and through any light modes you can imagine to program it with. The memory is a bit limited but there are people working on new firmwares to include lots of programmability with minimal memory usage.

  2. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    Very very cool, but $99.00??? I bought a pack of 3 different color cased 2.5W LED flashlights that use 3 “AAA” batts, get up to 350Lu, has 3 brightness levels, strobe & flashing red low batt ind. Made from spun aircraft aluminum, weather sealed & cost $18.00. I can simply take the red when I need it, or the blue, or the black. Not that I’m saying this product isn’t cool, it is! But 99 clams just to change some control functionality? hmmm. Even if the cost were cut in half, I’d still have to pass ;-) “B”