CES 2013 – Hisense


Hisense is the biggest company you never knew you knew and they’ve taken over the old Microsoft booth at CES.

Hisense Phones and Tablets

Hisense is a major electronics presence in Asia and Australia. Their phones and tablets are known around the world and the company has plans to release a tablet in the US this year.

Hisense Ultra HD LED TV

The Ultra HD TV uses an Android OS to manage things like gesture and voice control that determines what is displayed on it’s 3840 x 2160 display.

Glasses-Free 3D

Hisense uses a 4K by 2K display with special polarizers and filters to display a very impressive 3D experience without glasses. This technology isn’t ready for market just yet, but when it is we’ll let you know.

Hisense Transparent Display

With an eye toward business and demonstration uses, the transparent TV shows what’s behind it as well as video content. In homes, it could be hung on a window to keep in touch with what’s outside while watching your programs.

Power Line Networking

Hisense also makes hardware for power line networks that have plug and play functionality with their TVs and smart appliances.

Smart Refrigerator

One of those smart appliances is the smart refrigerator. It can scan product barcodes to let you know what you have and what needs to go on the shopping list.

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