CES 2014: Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo Sport SplashIn this industry it’s not every day you see something truly exciting, especially in an established market. Fugoo may offer that with their line of 360° waterproof speakers designed for the active user. The speakers meet the IP67 standard, and can be be fully submerged in up to 3ft of water for up to half an hour in addition to being snow proof, dust proof, and dirt proof as well. They’re also built around a concept that takes the core speaker and gives it interchangeable external jackets. They go from protective soft cases like the Fugoo Style and Fugoo Sport to the Fugoo Tough hard case which looks like it could stop a nuclear bomb. There’s also a full line of mounts to attach it to your backpack, boat, kayak, bike, and even a tree. What’s more, there’s even a wearable Bluetooth LE remote that’s full compatible with Siri and Google Now.

Fugoo Cutaway

As a speaker, it’s got a design like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s got twin rare-earth Neodymium tweeters, a pair of Neodymium woofers, and a couple of passive radiators. They’re pointed in different directions for full 360° coverage. Max volume is 95 decibels and its range is from 60Hz to 20KHz. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 with a roughly 30-foot range. It features a full duplex speakerphone and keeping with the 360° theme, an omni directional mic with echo cancellation. Rounding out the feature set is a Lithium Ion battery with up to 40 hours of play time.

Fugoo Sport Speaker Case

Fugoo Sport

Fugoo Style Speaker Case

Fugoo Style

Fugoo Tough Speaker Case

Fugoo Tough

The Fugoo will start at $199.99. For more CES coverage, check out GeekBeat.tv/CESlive.


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    It is really amazing product that don’t damaged in water . This will provide a great way to enjoy on pools also . The structure and upper most cover giving it great style.