CES 2014: Roku Announces Roku TV

For the last view years, a case could be made that Roku is the premiere maker of streaming set-top boxes. They allow you to easily get the content you want in the 21st Century like Netflix, HuluPlus, Pandora, and YouTube, plus literally over a thousand more. But what if you want something a little more clean without all the wires? Roku has now got that covered too, with Roku TV.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Roku is partnering with TV makers such as TCL and Hisense to offer Roku as a SmartTV interface. They claim that the TVs will be much simpler than traditional TVs with only 20 buttons, or half has many as you’re used to with a current smart TV. The TVs will range from 32 inches all the way up to a living room-sized 55-inch, and will be available this fall at the major big box stores. Pricing would be TBA based on manufacturer and model.

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