Challenge the Final Frontier with the Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair

ThinkGeek always manages some intriguing stuff for April Fool’s day, but this is the real thing. An inflatable version of
Captain Kirk’s command chair
can be yours for $24.99 USD, plus a certain amount of lung power to bring it up to Starfleet specs. But just because you’re laying out the cash, doesn’t mean the center seat is automatically yours. The chair measures approximately 27.75″ high x 29.25″ wide x 18″ deep. ThinkGeek cautions that its weight-bearing capacity goes to about 120 pounds, so assign command accordingly.


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    I’ll get one of these & use it in my backyard pool, (I hope it floats). I love anything Star Trek. My neighbors already think I’m a little odd for hunting Tripe on the property. They’ll think I’m even odder because I don’t *actually* own a pool, I’ll make a puddle with the hose. Great find Dave, THX!!! “B”