Charge up to 4 devices with the Scosche reVIVE H4

The Revive H4 Pro with iOS connector

Do you have more than one device and are tired of having a plethora of charging adapters cluttering and taking up space? Then say hello to the Scosche reVIVE h4. The reVIVE allows you to charge up to four devices at once, while each USB port supplies 5 Watts of power. There is also a Pro version if you fancy a 2 in 1 micro USB charging cable that also coverts to an Apple 30 pin connector. You can find the reVIVE h4 for $29.99, and the Pro version for $39.99.

If you don’t need four USB ports, Scosche also offers the reVOLT h2 that only has two USB ports but each port does supply 10 watts of power instead which is capable of charging 2 iPads at the same time. There is a Pro version like the reVIVE as well that comes with the convertible charging cable. The reVOLT models go for the same price as the reVIVE line, $29.99 for the reVolt h2 and $39.99 for the Pro version with the charging cable.

All of the models are compatible with the Scosche’s free reVIVE App for advanced battery management, that is available for iOS and Android.

(via Engadget)