Chocolate Space Invaders Have Landed

Chocolate Invader in boxWhen chocolate and 8-bit graphics coincide, you know you’ve hit the geeky, caloric jackpot. That’s the case with the Chocolate Invader, a handmade confection in the shape of one of those invading aliens targeted by arcade jockeys of the past.

The Chocolate Invader goes from cocoa beans to finished chocolate in a period of four days. The mold pattern was designed in CAD for proper accuracy, and the chocolate contains only cocoa beans, evaporated cane juice, and cocoa butter. It’s made at Fruition, a small-batch chocolate worksop in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The 50 gram finished candy is presented in a laser engraved wood box and comes with additional goodies, such as a mini-poster, post card, and sticker.

For $20 you can have the pleasure of eating a piece of video game history. Orders can be placed through the Chocolate Invader website.

(via OhGizmo!)