Colors! 3D for Nintendo 3DS – Painting in a New Dimension

Colors 3D for Nintendo 3DS eShop ReviewIf I have the time to paint, then I will. It’s one of my favorite activities and thankfully it’s especially easy if I can do it electronically while on the go! I’ve used many apps and programs that allow me to do this on a mobile device but none of them come close to “Colors! 3D” for the Nintendo 3DS by developer Collecting Smiles.

Features of “Colors! 3D”

The Colors! software series started off as a stand-out homebrew application for the original DS. Combined with a flashcart, players were able to create amazing art on the go thanks to its wonderfully adept toolset. Most of these have made the cut as “Colors!” evolved from hombrew app, to iOS app, and now Colors! 3D, including complete control over brush type, color and size/opacity – the tools you need to create works of art!

Uploading “Colors! 3D” Art Online

One of the best features of the “Colors!” series is the online gallery which you can upload your works to. They provide a video player that showcases the entire process so you can easily share it with your friends and family or embed it on your website, just like below:

Check out the full-resolution image by clicking THIS LINK.

This gallery is completely accessible from within the app as well, so you can browse and be inspired by other works, created on both iOS or the 3DS. You can also export to your SD card at a resolution of 1600×960, as seen in the link above.

What’s New in “Colors! 3D?”

The iOS app is a great recreation of what made the original “Colors!” great, but “Colors! 3D” expands on this by adding the new 3-Dimensional layer system. If you’re familiar with photoshop, then you know about layers. Think about stacking different sections of the drawing on top of one another. Now take these layers, distance them apart and imagine the depth you can achieve with this effect. It’s like a pop up book, and Colors! 3D pulls this off brilliantly, opening up a world of possibilities with paintings. You aren’t required to paint in 3D, as Colors! 3D is a very capable 2D painting application, but having that tool there makes it all the better.

Check out the full-resolution image by clicking THIS LINK.

Colors! 3D Impressions

Colors! 3D is available for $6.99 in the Nintendo eShop right now. I highly recommend it if you love to doodle, paint and explore your artistic potential. Everything you need to create art on the go is in this app and sharing is exctemely easy – taking your art social! I’ve been in love with this app since the homebrew iteration and the 3DS eShop version is a call back to a very familiar and glorious place.

Game Review Score: 9/10