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Regular Printer + 3D Printer = Zeus!

Okay, so we’ve seen a LOT of 3D printer-related Kickstarter projects, but what if you could combine a 3D printer WITH a regular printer… you know, one that does copy, scan and fax? It’s called Zeus.

Exercise in the Virtual Outdoors with BitGym

BitGym aims to make your workouts more fun and make you feel like you’re actually out in nature! It’s an iOS (and soon Android) app that you load on your tablet or phone and place on your machine of choice – treadmill, bike or elliptical. And you can immerse yourself in your workout by running in the Swiss Alps or hiking through Hawaiian lava flows.

Tune Your Skillz with Rap Battle Showdown

Dale Chase is a super-talented guy who surprised me with a personalized rap when I visited the Revision3 offices. He’s turning his talent into an app that lets YOU explore your talent as well! It’s called Rap Battle Showdown. Show how mad your skillz are by rappin’ it out along to the words.

Getting Help for Injured Animals with WildHelp

WildHelp is just what you need when you’re out someplace and come across an injured animal. The app uses GPS to determine the closest place that can give the animal the medical help it needs.

AppSplit – Crowdfunding Just for Apps

Leaving the world of Kickstarter, we found AppSplit. Like it sounds, it’s exclusively for the crowdfunding of mobile app ideas. Even more, though, you can sell your existing app or idea to someone else, or find developers to help out with its creation.

And don’t forget our own little Kickstarter, with a dream to correct bad parking habits wherever they may be found!

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