Cool Leaf Keyboard Makes It to Market with Awesome Factor Intact

Cool Leaf KeyboardWe see lots of very cool looking concepts in the tech world, most of which never make it to market or if they do, they’re a good distance from what we first saw and were excited by. Like concept cars that look like things from the 25th century, but inevitably come to market looking like a Toyota Camry. Well, cheer up, here’s a cool concept that’s about to hit retail, and it still looks cool.

The Cool Leaf is a smooth-surfaced touch panel keyboard. Right there, some people will love it and some will hate it. For people who actually learned to type correctly, it’s going to be a non-starter, because there’s no way to feel keys without looking. For those of us who DO look at the keys, we’ll be seeing something prettier than average, as long as we keep it cleaned of fingerprints. The keys are back-lit, making it a strong contender for dark environments.

The keyboard goes on sale May 13 in Japan, in a Windows-only version. A Mac version is promised to follow soon. Layouts for English, German, French and Italian are due in July.

(via Gizmag)