Could T-Mobile Pay Your Early Termination Fee?

Uncarrier 4.0
We’re normally not ones to talk about rumors, but this one is too big to ignore.  T-Mobile is set to have its Un-Carrier 4.0 event on January 8th, during the week of the International CES.  The big rumor reported by TMONews is that T-Mobile will be introducing Project Houdini and making the competition’s customers disappear. They do this by offering a $350 credit per line to entice you to switch, up to 5 lines. $350 is, not surprisingly, the exact amount allowed for a smartphone early termination under federal laws. The idea is that you won’t have to pay T-Mobile the money, so you can pay off your old carrier instead.

So the big question is, this would entice you to the Uncarrier if they paid your way out of your contract? Let us know below.


  1. jam3 says

    “Project Houdini”?

    Maybe it’s a $350 phantom credit for the most disgruntled competitor’s customers but let’s hope T-Mobile is smart enough not to try so hard to grow that no one gets enough to eat. But out of an abundance of pride declares itself the tallest midget in the room.

    Maybe just putting lipstick on the pig is a better way to look at the January event. “Project Houdini”, may simply mean a proud father (DT) is determined to get the highest price possible for its most prized daughter (TMUS) even if it means holding out so long that her ability to bare children may be called into question (pushing the company to the edge of insolvency). Marketing and Business Development executives are artists not scientists. I’ve been told in the olden days back in the German homeland the bride-to-be must to seem to him to be the most beautiful girl in the world on that special wedding day… or perhaps the groom has to be very stupid (S) or drunk and careless (DISH) or both for the father of the bride (DT) to maximize the dowry.

  2. Kevin BRUTON, Esq. says

    I am with Alex H. on this one… I have had Sprint for the longest, I have a 4G LTE phone with them, and alas, my town does not even possess 4G LTE–YET!!! I am ready to jump ship, and if T-Mo is helping me pay for the transition, I am so gone!!!1

    • says

      @Kevin B. I have LTE but it’s not very reliable and their 3G has been horrible…….I love that they’re a bit cheaper than Tmo or ATT/Verizon…..but I’m ready to pay an extra $40 a month to get good service. I was a Sprint defender for awhile, really thought they had things going in the right direction…..but I’m done with them.

    • Al Robbns says

      If you are currently on Sprint, and it works for you, you might want to also compare to whatever deal you can get from T-Mobile to see which is best for you. Ting buys time from Sprint so it is good wherever Sprint is good. In my case it works just fine and over the last year orso that I have been using Ting my cell phone bill has run about $15 a month. Your mileage may vary of course depending on your usage patterns.