Cricket Offers Prepaid iPhones

The list of U.S. wireless carriers has grown by another, but with a twist: This time the iPhone will be available prepaid without a contract.  Cricket Communications, a division of Leap Wireless, will begin offering Apple’s mobile phones on June 22nd. Pricing comes in at $399 for the 8GB iPhone 4 and $499 for the 16GB iPhone 4S. While not at the fully subsidized levels of other carriers, that represents a $150 discount compared to other non-subsidized iPhones. There was no mention of pricing for the 32 or 64GB models or even if the carrier plans to sell them.  It is also unknown if the phones will ship SIM unlocked.  The Cricket iPhones will be available on a single $55 plan with unlimited calling, SMS, and data though with a “fair usage” policy of 2.3GB.

(Via CNET)
(Press Release)


  1. Michael Aye says

    Will they offer SIM cards with a data plan for people who already have a phone?