Crossbar Resistive RAM Promises 20x Faster Memory Performance

Crossbar RRAM Stacked MemoryThe hunt for better experiences with computers and mobile devices often comes down to performance. As tasks become increasingly complex, systems need to be able to execute them faster or risk keeping users waiting (and getting them annoyed). Processors, code, and memory all play a part in the performance puzzle, but one of those may soon get a major boost.

A company called Crossbar has left its self-described “stealth-mode” to announce the new kind of memory they’ve been working on: Resistive RAM or RRAM. This new design promises non-volatile memory (meaning it holds its data when powered down) that can go up to 1 TB on a single 200mm2 chip, and an ability to be stacked in three dimensions that allows multiple terabyte configurations. The company also says RRAM can deliver 20x faster write performance than current NAND memory at 20x lower power consumption.

Best of all, this may be a technology not far from our consumer devices. Crossbar announced that they have developed a working RRAM array at a commercial fab, meaning this is fairly well along the development path.

(Crossbar Press Release)