CUBEDGE EDGE.sound Review

After the release of the Jawbone Jambox two years ago, other companies have rushed to fill in the relatively small but in-demand market of portable Bluetooth speaker systems. Cubedge brings their version with the capable EDGE.sound wireless speaker.

The EDGE.sound is a lightweight powerful Bluetooth speaker capable of producing up to 95db of sound, about 25% more than its competitors. Using the latest 3.0 Bluetooth protocol (including reporting back battery information), the EDGE.sound can quickly connect with the latest mobile devices such as recent iPhones and iPads for quality sound with a reduced battery drain on both the speaker and playback device.



Rated at about 10 hours of battery life, the EDGE.sound charges via a microUSB port on the rear. Along side the port is a 3.5mm audio input for connecting your older devices and a power switch.

CUBEDGE EDGE.sound back

CUBEDGE EDGE.sound back contains a microUSB port for charging, a 3.5mm jack for analog input, and a power switch.

The top of the EDGE.sound contains the simple 3-button controls ubiquitous with volume and hands free phone calls.

CUBEDGE EDGE.sound top

CUBEDGE EDGE.sound Top contains three buttons, volume up and down and a hands-free talk button.

Available in black or white, the EDGE.sound is sleek and elegantly designed, and matches well with just about any device and decor. I found that the rubberized casing does have a tendency to pick up dirt and other smudges, but otherwise has a great feel, and at 290g (10 oz), the EDGE.sound is incredibly lightweight relative to any of the competition.

While the EDGE.sound does have a powerful 95db output rating, this boosted sound loses a lot of its quality above 75% with a heavily distorted bass and rough mid tones. At a more moderate mid-level, the sound quality is clean though somewhat empty with the lack of low-end audio elements to fill the sound. In comparison, the similarly priced Braven 600 has two passive sub-woofers to really kick up the quality at a larger dynamic range.


CUBEDGE EDGE.sound bluetooth speaker

Overall, the EDGE.sound is a good entry into the expanding and competitive portable Bluetooth speaker market.

You can find the EDGE.sound direct from Cubedge for $150.