Cutting the Pay TV Cord

Cord Cutting Gains Popularity

The average US cable bill is $85, and a recent survey found that 20 percent of consumers in the US have either canceled their pay TV service or are considering it.

Choosing What You Want

Cutting the cord doesn’t mean your TV will be free, but you can pay for what you want and not subsidize the things you don’t use.

Live Sports – The Deal Breaker

For a lot of people, live sports is what keeps them connected to cable or satellite services. If you watch a lot of sports, cutting the cord may not be for you.

Replace, Not Replicate

Cord cutting doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get exactly the programming you have access to now, but you can select the programs you most want. You’ll be replacing your current programming, not replicating it.


  1. Skyjack says

    I cut the cable before I knew the term. I tried it as a two month experiment knowing I could go back if I needed to. Podcasts on iTunes were the clincher. I found great content that wasn’t available on cable, interested me, wasn’t dependent on fast Internet, and could playback on my schedule. Ever since then I’ve tried to get friends and family to supplement their TV viewing with Internet content. I’ve found the hardest thing is still getting the content on the big screen. Even with the plethora of devices, existing cable subscribers find they need to buy one more thing and which inputs back and forth.

    I love being without a cable bill. I’m anxious for the day when more than 15% of the population consider that it is even possible. Leading that charge is Netflix. They more than anyone else I’ve seen are getting the public to believe they too can cut the cable.

  2. says

    We cut our cable cord a few years ago, since boxee has been available, back when you had to sign up on a waiting list. First used boxee on a laptop, then Apple TV and now the boxee box. We found that we now watch what we want when we want to watch it. No more what on tonight. We also find we are more discriminating and watch better quality TV in general. We certainly do not miss cable.

  3. Kevin Cummings says

    As empty-nesters, my wife and I are a bit out of the usual cable-cutter demographic….but we dropped our satellite about eighteen months ago. We went with a refurbed TiVo with a $12.95/month service agreement.

    For a couple of bucks an episode, we buy the few “must have” shows on Amazon VOD or save up and buy them when they are released on DVD. We really haven’t missed much of what we used to have. We aren’t sports fans, so that wasn’t an issue. The only thing we wish we could still get is TruTV, but they seem unwilling to sell their shows on any VOD service. Their loss, I guess. I even sent me a “shut up and take my money” e-mail, but they never responded.

    Oh…one more thing…I love being able to have my TiVo automatically download the latest episodes of so they’re available when I want to watch them.

  4. Michael says

    I have been hoping for cable ala-cart for years. I have the basic package and out of the approx. 80 channels I have, I only watch around 5. FIVE! It’s a waste of money, for sure, but I need to find a high speed internet connection as good as my cables because they have me trapped in a bundle. I get cable and internet (bundled) for the same price as getting the internet as a stand alone service. It’s a racket. But yes, I have been thinking about cutting the cord.

  5. Michael Aye says

    But there’s more than baseball. What about tennis? Is there a way to watch tennis over the net in US? I’m moving soon to LA and need to understand my options.

  6. Stackem says

    In the UK with have an Iphone App called TVCatchup, it streams around 57 live TV channels for free.
    So we could ditch cable and sat TV but think of all of the repeat programs we would miss, not

  7. Ross Craig says

    For live sports you can subscribe to MLB and for hockey there is Center Ice. All you need is an Apple TV or Boxee Box. You can jailbreak your Apple TV and put XBMC and Navi-X you will be surprised what you can get. You can put repositories on your Boxee Box and get Navi-X on that also.