Diablo 3 Beta Open to Everyone This Weekend

Blizzard will be releasing the much anticipated Diablo 3 on May 15th. Beta testing for Diablo 3 has been going on for some time now, but only to a select few. Starting today and through the rest of the weekend Blizzard has decided to open the Beta up to everyone that has a Battle.net account. If you do not already have a Battle.net account don’t worry you can still register for a free account. To register for your Battle.net account and download the beta client head over to Diablo 3 Open Beta Weekend .

Blizzard is releasing the Beta for this weekend only to stress test the game and their servers. Being that this is a Beta version the game play will be limited. Blizzard has announced that Beta weekend will allow groups of players to team up and play any of the five classes, however, you will only be able to play up to level 13.

As an added bonus this weekend, for those of you who are looking to be a Monk when Diablo 3 releases, you can win an exclusive sigil. Click here to Follow the Monk and you will be asked to create a banner.