DisplayCabinet Augments Everyday Objects with Useful Data

After a 24-hour Pachube Internet of Things Hackathon, Tim Burrel-Saward and Dan Williams created the concept idea of the DisplayCabinet. With the objective of avoiding screens and creating accessible data, the two created an augmented interface that give information based on objects that we use around the home.

They accomplished this by embedding a bunch of totems, a wallet, and keys with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.  Along with a set of shelves with a hidden projector and the RFID reader, the two guys created a new and easy to understand interface as displayed in this video.

With this idea, I not only see a bunch of new children’s museum displays, but perhaps a new type of identification card (where the totem is your unique identifier, very Inception like huh?). Either way, this product of 24 hours of hacking is a new platform worth exploring.

DisplayCabinet from bashford on Vimeo.

(via BenBashFord)