Dockem Koala: Mount Your Tablet to the Wall Without Damaging Either

There is no shortage of devices out there that will let anyone so inclined to stick their iPad to a wall or some other wall-like surface. If you’d like to pretend that your house is the USS Enterprise with touch screen controls every-freaking-where, having a tablet on the fridge might just keep you in that fantasy state until you try to order “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” and get a blank stare.

Let’s be realistic

The main problem that brings you crashing down to Earth is when you realize you’d like to change either device, the mounting location or both. You’re screwed—or at least your tablet is—right into a couple of fuggly wall anchors. Whether you want to move the tablet to a different wall, or want to change the tablet itself; your old mounting gadget is coming down and leaving behind a little something I like to call “say goodbye to your damage deposit, dufus!”

Fear not! A solution is at hand

There comes a solution in the form of a mounting system that is compatible with every iPad (with or without the Apple Smart Cover) and every iPad-wanna-be tablet on the market—today or tomorrow. It is also easily and non-destructively applied and effortlessly removed without marring most surfaces. Wanna know what it is?

The device I’m talking about is the Kickstarter-funded Koala Mount for Tablets. Here’s how it works…

Do no harm

Setup is pathetically easy with the help of 3M Command Strips — you know, those easily removable foam adhesive pads found on the backs of wall hooks that usually show up around the “hall decking” season? The big bonus of the ubiquitousness of 3M products is that replacement adhesive pads are available at local retailers so you can remove and reuse your Koala Mount indefinitely without fear.

The other bonus of the Koala Mount is that it requires no direct attachment to your tablet—it’s actually two independent corner supports with a built-in cord clip. Attach the mounts just far enough apart to provide support for you tablet in portrait of landscape mode (you won’t be able to easily switch between them, I’m afraid, so choose wisely) and your iPad or similar tablet just sits inside like a folder in one of those wall mounted organizers.

Affixing fixed

It’s an excellent solution for storing, charging, and viewing your tablet in the kitchen, bedroom, gym, bathroom, or office. It’s particularly ideal for an apartment rental or dorm room scenario where you might like to refrain from damaging the walls.

The Koala Mount for Tablets is available for US$19.99 in 3 colors (Chrome, Black and White) from


  1. Marco says

    Product looks great. Very well designed. Though I laugh at your statement of “ipad-wanna-be tablets”. iPad was just based off the ideas of Microsoft’s tablet anyways. Yes it was very well done, but its just downright hilarious that apple fans try and lay the claim that other tablets are just rip-offs. Especially when the iPad itself was a rip-off in the first place. But that’s just how marketing goes. Either you are an innovator that creates new things, or you are an innovator that gathers things created by others to create something new (Apple).