Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Fridge is as Cool as Bow Ties

TARDIS Mini FridgeBeing a Time Lord is hungry work, but now you can have an appropriate place to keep your snacks where they’ll be safe from Daleks and Cybermen (Daleks ALWAYS take other people’s food, no matter how clearly labeled – part of the whole absolute evil thing).

The TARDIS Mini Fridge is small enough (on the outside) to sit on your desk next to your computer, but big enough to hold a six pack of your favorite beverage in 12-ounce cans. Can this get better? Of course it can! A wave of your sonic screwdriver (or flipping a switch) makes it a heater rather than a cooler. It even has a flashing light up top and makes TARDIS sounds whens you open the door (but you can turn that feature off if you’re trying to keep your Time Lord status confidential).

It’s 10.5″ high, 7.5″ wide, 10.5″ deep with an interior capacity of 4L/.14 cubic feet, and can be powered by a standard US electrical outlet or DC 12V car socket. $79.99 at ThinkGeek will make it yours.


  1. Amanda Willis says

    Where can i buy one? My budget is $95.

    Do you have to take all your cold stuff out to use the microwave portion of this machine?

    Please let me now somthing i wanna buy this by Christmas.

    • Profile photo of Dave Peterson says

      They’re in stock now at Think Geek for $80. Link above in the post. And yes, it seems to use the same section for heating and cooling (don’t believe heating is done with microwave), so you’d take out cool stuff first.

  2. Jamal says

    Mini fridges always get negative feedback for not getting cold enough. Does this product get cold enough to chill cans?