Draft Yourself into the Legion of Action Figures

Create Your Own Action Figure

Who wouldn’t want an action figure of themselves? Sadly it’s unlikely this would ever happen, unless you became a global superstar. But seriously though, if “the Situation” has a figure, we should too.

Sculpteo has created a way for us “ordinary” folks to get our hands on mini-me versions of ourselves by using 3D printing technology. Artists begin the replica by taking both a side profile and a face shot uploaded by the user. Nicely, there’s also a section to provide some customizable details like clothing and accessories. It’s not clear what the limitations of the details are, but personally, I’d pick an Android tee-shirt, pirate hat and blue jeans, my usual daily attire.

As a tip, make sure the files uploaded are without a lot of shadowing although don’t worry too much because the module used for the birth of the figure will offer a chance to approve before sending. Those who order their vanity dolls in the next few days should receive them in time for Christmas. Sculpteo claims on the site that upon ordering the figure should arrive in about 10 days.

Sure, it’s vain to purchase a doll of yourself but you could always do a friend instead. Or.. at least hide your figure when friends visit. To be honest, the end result appears to be more like a bobble head than an action figure so it might not make an ideal toy to battle the Ninja Turtles on your desk. Nevertheless, it might be a hilarious gag gift. A slightly expensive gag gift costing between $80 – $100. Figures are offered in two sizes; 2.7 inches and 3.9 inches.

mini-me action figure

Feeling creative? The Sculpteo site offers more than just customizable figures, artists can order 3D models of sketches they’ve designed within apps like Google Sketchup and Blender, both free apps to design stuff in 3D. Models can be customized by size, choice of material, monochrome/colour printing and, objects ordered in all-white can be painted.  3D artists can even set up a design shop to sell. Royalties can be set and charged by artists every time one the models is printed by another user. Sculpteo will handle the shipping and doesn’t claim ownership. Artists keep sole ownership of their designs.


(Source Wired )


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