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If the $200 million dollars Zynga just paid to acquire it didn’t tip you off, Draw Something is huge, especially around the Livid Lobster community. Zynga’s OMGPOP subsidiary has released a fairly extensive update to the game (1.5.14) aimed at fixing bugs, prolonging your game, and for the first time giving users sharing options to Facebook and Twitter.

According to a forum post from the official rep for Draw Something the most recent patch offers the following changes:

  • Increased turn limit from 99 to 999
  • Undo for your most recent lines
  • Comments on drawings
  • An option to post drawings to Facebook and Twitter
  • Saving drawings to your iOS photo library
  • Pull down refreshing
  • Notifications for users on Android
  • Fixes to some of the game’s reported bugs and a promise that they are actively working to squash other outstanding issues
    Draw Something 1.5.14 is available now from the iOS AppStore or your Android store of choice.

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