Eagle Attacks Baby?

Since the giant Haast’s Eagle disappeared from New Zealand several hundred years ago, predation attempts on humans have been rare.  Modern Eagles are about half the weight.  So, we couldn’t possibly have such an attack right? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we had here in a crowded Montreal park, an EAGLE attack on a baby. Assuming the video isn’t doctored, of course.

A large Golden eagle swoops in to where a father is with his baby.  The bird snatches the baby before fortunately dropping the child.  Let’s be very clear here, this child and his family were very lucky.  Eagles can and do take prey larger than their body weight, especially if they have young. Their modus operandi is to break the neck of larger prey so it won’t fight back.  Fortunately, the eagle didn’t get its meal and the child seemed to be relatively unharmed.

Here’s the shocking video shot by another patron of the park.  There is some language here not meant for younger ears, not that you’d want them to see this anyway.

Update: This has been confirmed as a fake by the Montreal-based team who authored this video.


  1. John Murphy says

    Canadians take advantage of American stupidity yet again. Any nation that thinks there is a so called `right` to bear arms, yet does not have the right to health care regardless of income is still in the Dark Ages, and Americans sucked in by video this prove that point yet again. Canada leads the Backward States in every way that counts.

  2. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    Yaaaaaa fake, pretty well done, but as Enoyls stated above, you can see something in the shadow. In the interview provided by Audun above, the creators state they will put up a breakdown on how they produced the enormously popular video…. “B”

  3. Enoyls says

    Fake. You can see the eagles shadow appear out of nowhere where it was digitally inserted mid dive. This has already be debunked many times today.

  4. ZZ says

    Notice also how he didn’t flap his wings at all from the moment he started the turn into his run-in and the moment he grabbed the target. He was GLIDING the whole way while building ups speed. Probably completely silent until he struck. From behind, too. He knew which way the kid was looking.

  5. ZZ says

    Wow. Apex predators are really amazing. It makes you realize just how puny we humans are. Looks like the squirt had a a pretty fun ride there for a couple seconds…