Earth Gets a REALLY Close Asteroid Flyby

Earth Gets a REALLY Close Asteroid Flyby

This Friday will see the closest asteroid near-miss of Earth ever forecast in advance. The asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass between the planet and the orbits of geosynchronous weather, GPS and communications satellites.

A New Landsat Takes to the Sky

The 40-year-old Landsat mapping and Earth-observation program is getting some rejuvenation with the launch of Landsat 8.

Predicting Super Storms

This winter’s storms have really pointed up the value of accurate weather prediction enabled by Earth-observation programs. We may not be able to stop the storms, but we can see them coming.

Curiosity Drills Into Mars

The Mars rover Curiosity is using its drill and onboard lab to take a closer look at what’s inside Martian rocks.

Astronaut & Musician Record First Earth-Space Duet

International Space Station astronaut Chris Hadfield has collaborated with musician Ed Robertson to create the first musical recording done simultaneously on the Earth and in space.

Google+ Hangout with ISS Crew

Have questions for the crew of the International Space Station? They’ll be doing a Google+ Hangout on February 22nd at 11 AM Eastern.