EA’s Lucy Bradshaw on SimCity Launch – “That Was Dumb”

SimCityWhile it’s not as quick a response as some fans and customers would like, EA’s General Manager for the Maxis Label, Lucy Bradshaw, has responded to the … problematic … launch of the eagerly-awaited title.


Here’s a quick update on the problems we were experiencing with SimCity – and a little something extra for people who bought the game.

The server issues which began at launch have improved significantly as we added more capacity.  But some people are still experiencing response and stability problems that we’re working fast to address.

So what went wrong?  The short answer is: a lot more people logged on than we expected.  More people played and played in ways we never saw in the beta.

OK, we agree, that was dumb, but we are committed to fixing it.  In the last 48 hours we increased server capacity by 120 percent.  It’s working – the number of people who have gotten in and built cities has improved dramatically.  The number of disrupted experiences has dropped by roughly 80 percent.

So we’re close to fixed, but not quite there.  I’m hoping to post another update this weekend to let everyone know that the launch issues are behind us.

Something Special for Your Trouble

The good news is that SimCity is a solid hit in all major markets.  The consensus among critics and players is that this is fundamentally a great game.  But this SimCity is made to be played online, and if you can’t get a stable connection, you’re NOT having a good experience. So we’re not going to rest until we’ve fixed the remaining server issues.

And to get us back in your good graces, we’re going to offer you a free PC download game from the EA portfolio.  On March 18, SimCity players who have activated their game will receive an email telling them how to redeem their free game.

I know that’s a little contrived – kind of like buying a present for a friend after you did something crummy.  But we feel bad about what happened.  We’re hoping you won’t stay mad and that we’ll be friends again when SimCity is running at 100 percent.

SimCity is a GREAT game and the people who made it are incredibly proud.  Hang in there – we’ll be providing more updates throughout the weekend.

So there you have it; continued improvement in user experience, and a free game. There is no word yet on what game it will be, or if there will be a choice of games. We’ll find out on the 18th.


Bradshaw just finished up the #AskLucy Q&A session on Twitter where she fielded a variety of questions from critics and fans, and several of her answers concerned the free game EA will be giving out. The only new news is that we will have choices; that’s something, at least. Here are the relevant tweets.

Is this too little too late, or does this make things  better? Let us know in the comments!

(Via EA’s Lucy Bradshaw)


  1. Mo says

    Yeah, the “free game” will be $60 worth of add on content to this piece of crap that you don’t want in the first place.

  2. Matt Koivisto says

    So let me get this straight
    “On March 18, SimCity players who have activated their game will receive an email telling them how to redeem their free game.”
    Does this mean I can go now and buy it and activate before March 18th and I too will get a free game?
    I was going to wait to buy it – but if I can get a 2 for 1 deal now … !