EA’s Origin Store for Mac Released

Origin LogoFor a tech blogger, there’s nothing that will catch you off guard like something being released well ahead of the expected schedule.  EA did just that with the FULL release of Origin for Mac. In fact, it was just two weeks ago that they released their alpha.  The prevailing thought was there would be a beta and around two months between then and the full release.  In an industry where delays are expected, this is unheard of.

For those unfamiliar, Origin is EA’s answer to Valve’s Steam.  To answer some questions, no every game is not available on the Mac, but a good portion of the recent EA games ported to the Mac have shown up.  50 some titles and expansions in all.  There is also an equivalent to Steamplay where if you buy a game for Mac, you get it for PC and vice versa.  That being said, it does seem to have an opt out and the Arkham and Lego games ported by Feral Interactive are shown as Mac only.
So if you are a Mac gamer (yes, they have existed for some time), click on the link and download it now.  If you were a user of the alpha, it should auto update.
Origin Mac Download