Easy Clip-On Lenses for iPhone

Happy Geek Pride Day!

Are you a geek? If you’re watching this, the answer should be YES! Have a happy Geek Pride Day!

Girl Blogs Her Way to Better School Lunches

Nine-year-old Martha Payne from Scotland didn’t much like her school lunches, so she started blogging about them. Her blog has become super-popular and now the food quality is improving, too!

Leap Toward Gesture Control of Your Computer

Leap Motion has a new device headed your way that promises Kinect-style reading of hand gestures for mouse-free computer control.

Clip-On Lenses for iPhone

If you like experimenting with lenses for the iPhone camera, check out these clip-on options from Gizmon.

Google+ Android App Gets an Upgrade

Android users who coveted the Google+ upgrade that hit iOS a little while back now have their own version, and it has some exclusive goodies!