Ecovacs Winbot Puts Robotic Muscle Into Window Cleaning

Winbot window-cleaning robotYou’ve got a robot that vacuums your carpet, and it doesn’t even scare the cat too much anymore. That’s progress, right? So where do you turn next in your quest for automated domestic help? How about a robot that does windows?

The Ecovacs Winbot cleans both sides of a window at the same time, with a two-part system. A driver that contains the motor sits on one side of the glass while a follower unit goes on the other side. The two units are held together with a powerful, variable-strength magnet. The robot senses its position on the window and follows a zig-zag path to cover the entire area. A remote is also included to allow manual direction of the robot.

The Ecobot will be making its public debut at CES 2013.


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    Great mini Robot!!! I was aware of the cleaning part with the one side only but this feature has added to both sides too. Truly a very strong magnetic strength and the path it follows in covering every corner area is quite remarkable. All visitors would rather suggest manual flow rather than to be automatic with the gadget…