Ed Begley, Jr. on Going Off the Power Grid

Ed Begley, Jr. is not only a highly successful actor who has been working steadily for the last 45 years, with 260 credits on IMDB, he’s also the former chairman of the Environmental Media Association and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and is involved in many other environmental and social causes. He talked to us about his efforts to take his house entirely off the electrical grid and become power self-sufficient, and gave us a number of suggestions for ways people can begin to use less power and save money at the same time.


  1. says

    I am working on a new series about Ed and his effort rebuild a house into the greenest house in North America. It should be a nice mix of hilarity and real world options for going truly green. We are doing the whole thing through kickstarter. Tell your friends! http://kck.st/obs2012pr.

  2. jg says

    Great interview and great tips! Glad to hear someone with lots of money actually understand that not everyone has the same resources that he has, and actually provide us with useful tips that we can actually use to do our part.

    Plus, he’s one of my favorite actors!

    Thanks Cali & John!