Editor’s Choice: BrickHouse Security EON GPS Asset Tracker

Our friends over at BrickHouse Security sent us their tough-as-nails, magnetic mount EON GPS Asset Tracker, and we gave it a good long test while driving half way across the country and back. The GPS tracker performed admirably, tracking our trip for over 2,250 miles – most amazingly it did it all on a single battery charge!!!

What It’s For

The EON GPS Asset Tracker could literally be used to track the whereabouts of anything! But the folks at BrickHouse have their eye specifically on helping companies with fleets of vehicles keep track of when and where they are going.

For example, let’s say you have ten tractor trailers carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise across the country at any given time. The EON would allow you to keep track of their location in near real time, anywhere in the country.

Law Enforcement could also use an EON to track vehicles or packages – assuming they have a warrant. Or, you could use one to ILLEGALLY track a boyfriend / girlfriend / wife / husband / child / stranger / alien.

How It Tracks

Once the device is installed and active, you can log into the BrickHouse tracking Website and view everywhere the device has been along with tons of detail about when, where and how fast it was moving.

You can also set up all sorts of alerts and notifications which will email you if they are triggered. For example, you could set up a speed notification to alert you if the tracker moves even 1 MPH in the middle of the night when you know its not supposed to be going anywhere.

If you’re managing a fleet, reporting is also important, and BrickHouse allows you to run all sorts of reports on the data.

You can even export complete details to an Excel Spreadsheet. Here’s the sample from our trip.

Complete Video Review

Bottom Line

There are a lot of GPS tracking solutions out there, but none so simple and elegant as the EON from BrickHouse Security. That alone is enough reason to award the EON a Geek Beat Editor’s Choice award!

The combination of durability, long battery life, magnetic mounting capability and a website interface that is intuitive and easy to use make this device a winner. Get one if you need to keep an eye on anything important!