Editor’s Choice: Edge Select Pro M120 Electric Knife Sharpener Review and Tutorial

Edge Select Pro M120
Our friends at Chef’sChoice sent over the Edge Select Pro M120 electric knife sharpener for us to take a look at and see how it performed. After testing it for several weeks over dozens of knives I arrived at the conclusion this is the easiest way to get everyday knives seriously sharp, in a hurry!

The Chef’sChoice Edge Select Pro M120 Video Review

Edge Select Pro M120 Editor’s Choice

People have accused me of being a bit of a knife snob, and I suppose that’s true. Being a trained bladesmith I’m a bit picky when it comes to knives, and especially sharpening them. Under normal circumstances if I can’t shave with a blade, it just isn’t sharp enough! Although the Edge Select Pro M120 can’t get a blade that sharp, I’m very impressed with its ability to rapidly and repeatedly sharpen a blade with little or no training.

Geek Beat Editors Choice 2013Since you can sharpen a knife for normal daily use in a matter of seconds with the Edge Select Pro, combined with the low price of $139.95 on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating from well over 200 reviewers, we’re awarding it a Geek Beat Editor’s Choice award! My recommendation is pick one up and get your knives in ship shape condition pronto. You’ll be glad you did!

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