Editor’s Choice: LandingZone Pro MacBook Air Docking Station Review

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been living without a LandingZone Pro docking station for years… My life used to be one of misery. I’d carry my MacBook Air into the office, set it over beside a monitor, plug in a power cable, plug in a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter and monitor cable, plug in one or more USB cables, plug in a USB to ethernet cable… BUT NO MORE! With the LandingZone Pro, I whip my MacBook air out of the bag, slap it on the dock, and squeeze a little lever to connect everything at once! HALLELUJAH!

All About LandingZone Pro MacBook Air Docking Station

Ok, I don’t want to make it sound like life with the LandingZone Pro is all chocolate and roses. Because, well… lets see. I still have to go get my own coffee. No one is giving me massages while I work. And despite my many hours of whining, we still do not have an Icee machine in the office!

But when it comes to actually using the LandingZone Pro, its perfect. I’d like to meet the person who designed this product, and kiss them on the mouth. I just hope it was a woman…

Landing Zone Pro Rear Ports

The action on the mechanism to engage the dock is silk smooth, and as long as you have the MacBook in the right position, all the plugs on either side just slide right together with no effort.

They even built in an ingenious little holder that clamps the magsafe connector in just the right spot so that when you squeeze the dock together, it powers right up!

Landing Zone Pro MagSafe Connector

The LandingZone Pro also comes with a power adapter, presumably to provide additional power to the USB ports on the device. Speaking of ports, this little dock has a Thunderbolt Display port, three USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit ethernet port, and one USB 3.0 port on the side that provides “high speed” charging.

Since the unit does have integrated ethernet, you need to install the driver to make it work.

Landing Zone Pro Side Profile

If you pair up the LandingZone Pro with an Apple Thunderbolt Display, you can connect additional Thunderbolt devices to it, such as a hard drive, and it will pass through to the computer.

I should also mention that they make a LandingZone Pro for the MacBook as well. And that model adds more ports. A couple of USB 2.0 ports, audio out, plus an extra HDMI adapter. So you can actually use it to have a 3 monitor setup! That dock is enough to make me wish I had a regular MacBook instead of an Air!

LandingZone Pro Receives the Editor’s Choice Award

Geek Beat Editors Choice 2013There isn’t a whole lot more to say. If you use a MacBook Air, BUY ONE! The only decision is which one. There are essentially three versions. For the first gen MacBook Air, a LandingZone Pro version 1 runs $139. For the latest model Air, it runs $179 (because of Thunderbolt support I’m sure), and then there is the Lite version at $49, which is designed for only power and two USB devices.

We’re giving the LandingZone Pro a Geek Beat Editor’s Choice award, because it’s one of the coolest accessories ever made for the MacBook Air. Get one for work, and one for home, and simplify your life of moving back and forth.


  1. says

    Would this work on an mstand. I like to keep my rMBP on a rainstand and it would probably need to work on it to be useful for me since I like using the laptop display as a second screen. Have you seen the caldigit thunderbolt station. Considering going that route since I can keep it tucked under the stand.

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      It wouldn’t work on an mstand unless you modified it radically. And if you had the skill to do that, you’d probably just build your own. 😉

      We haven’t gotten our hands on the caldigit yet, but it would still require you to plug and unplug cables manually, which is what I wanted desperately to avoid…

      The only other thing I can think of would be to find a wider stand which would accommodate the dock on top. Unfortunately its probably going to require a sacrifice of one sort or another. Let me know what you decide to do!

      John P.

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      Oh yeah, they fit the 11″ Air too! :-) Just check that Amazon link that says BUY ONE! above and it will take to to all of the listings.


      John P.