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Like our watches of yesterday, our smart phones have become ubiquitous with our lives as both a functional device and a fashion statement. And like the devices themselves, the cases we choose to use define our sense of individuality and style.

Little Pocket Book - Open

Little Pocket Book – Open

The standard load out when we go about our day is now our phone, our wallet, and our keys, and all of which often are stuck in our ever limited pocket space. While we can’t do much about the keys, there is an option for the wallet and phone combination case, and the Little Pocket Book from Pad & Quill serves that function very well.

Little Pocket Book - Front

Little Pocket Book – Front

The Little Pocket Book is a combination iPhone 5/5S case that also includes slots to hold your cash and credit cards. Functionally, the case is similar to other wallet/case combos on the market, but functionality is where the similarity ends.

Little Pocket Book - Logo

Little Pocket Book – Logo

The Little Pocket Book is an elegant case built out of hand finished wood and top grain leather. The outside leather is of excellent quality with a classic texture. An elastic closure helps keep the case closed when in your pocket, and a small decorative ribbon bookmark peeks out from the bottom of the case. Combined with small details imprinted on the corners and spine, the case hides itself well as a classic early 20th century tome. The case itself even comes in an wax sealed envelope to further the classic theme.

Little Pocket Book - Package

Little Pocket Book – Package

A smooth high quality leather lines the inside of the case, carefully stitched together to provide 3 card slots, one of which functions as an ID window. Below the card slots is an additional pocket for cash and other cards.

Little Pocket Book - Inside Pocket

Little Pocket Book – Inside Pocket

Adjacent to the card slots is the heart of the case, the hand crafted wood cradle for your phone. There is no way to deny that the builders at Pad & Quill took great care to provide the highest quality wood finish for the cradle. Lining the cradle corners are small rubber-like pads to secure the phone in place. Additionally included are longer strips of the same material for a tighter fit if so desired.

Little Pocket Book - Bottom

Little Pocket Book – Bottom

All the ports and buttons are easily accessible via the cutouts, though obviously you have to open the case to reach the volume buttons and mute switch. A carefully cut out hole in the back of the case and cradle allow for use of the rear camera.

Little Pocket Book - Back

Little Pocket Book – Back

As elegant as the case may be, there is one fault I’ve noticed with the 5S specifically. I believe the new dual-tone flash is slightly larger than the original iPhone 5 flash, and as such is not usable inside the case. While the camera itself is unobstructed, the flash will always bounce back into the camera during capture. Taking photos in low light situations where you need a flash will require you to remove the phone from the case.

Little Pocket Book - Flat

Also of note, while the birch wood cradle is not exactly heavy, there is a noticeable heft to the case compared to a naked phone or other plastic based cases.

The Little Black Book comes in black or brown leather, with a number of interior color options (the brown with blue interior reviewed here). It’s actually a shame that there is a 25 year warranty on the leather itself, as the case will far outlast the phone. Perhaps in a few years once the next iPhone design comes out, I’ll have to be resigned to using it as a hideaway for cash on my book shelf.

Little Pocket Book - Side

Little Pocket Book – Side

In the name of high quality device cases, it’s hard to beat the craftsmanship and quality of the Pad & Quill products. Every time I’ve taken this case out, I’ve gotten comments from onlookers about it, including from Apple store employees who’d never seen such an highly finished case. It is defiantly eye catching and makes quite a statement when you pull it out of your pocket.

Geek Beat Editors Choice 2013The $69.99 price tag is hard to swallow for an iPhone case, but the case definitely earns such a price tag with the pure build quality.

In conclusion, I’d have to say the Little Pocket Book from Pad & Quill is an elegant and sophisticated case that is sure to turn heads wherever you go, and deserves an Editor’s Choice award.

Little Pocket Book - Open Flat

Little Pocket Book – Open Flat

You can find the Little Pocket Book (as well as other similar cases at different pricings) on the Pad & Quill website for $69.99

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