Editor’s Choice: RavPower Qi Wireless Charger / 4800mAh Battery

RavPower’s new Qi-enabled battery backup lets you wirelessly charge your Qi-compatible devices on the go. When the device is plugged in, it operates as a standard charger, filling up whatever phone or tablet you put on it. And when you remove the device, the RavPower battery tanks up as well, so you’ll have it available to take with you on the go.

RavPower Qi Wireless Charger / 4800mAh Battery Video Review


RavPower Wireless Qi Battery Charger Wins Editor’s Choice Award

GeekBeatTV Editors Choice 2014You can get the new RavPower wireless Qi Battery on Amazon for under $60, and I highly recommend that you do. It works flawlessly as both a desktop charging pad, and as an on the go charging battery – eliminating the need for cables altogether.

For this reason, we’re awarding RavPower with an Editor’s Choice award for the combination of functionality and value.


  1. Ben Jensen says

    Thanks for this great and highly informative review. Lots of Qi chargers out there, most nothing special. I wouldn’t have thought to find one that doubles as a power tank!

    Just what the doctor ordered!

  2. A.J. Dial says

    Does the charger require that you have the wireless charging back in order to use this device?

  3. Chico Alvarado says

    what case is that for the note 3? i cant seem to find a case for my Note 3 with the Wireless charging Back Cover.