Electric Vehicle-Friendly Scenic Byway

electric-car-stationWashington State is creating the first U.S electric vehicle-friendly scenic byway by placing two to three quick-charging stations along Stevens Pass Greenway (U.S. Highway 2) .

The charging stations funded by the Federal Recovery Act, will be placed along the 120 mile stretch of land and will allow electric cars to quickly charge up while traveling across the west coast to North Central Washington. And it’s slated to by finished by the end of 2011.

These fast-charging stations will give drivers a quicker charge than what was originally thought. The new quick-charge stations are said to give some models of EVs a full charge within 20 minutes.

… which can charge the battery of some electric vehicles from zero to 80 percent in an estimated 20 minutes.
-The Department of Commerce and the Washington State Department of Transportation press release

More stations coming

In addition to this news, there are numerous level 2 charging stations popping up in Port of Chelan County, Washington. And Engadget pointed out earlier this month, there may be 310 CHAdeMO stations being rolled out over the U.S., including Washington, California, Arizona and Texas, according to Yomiuri.

These new charging stations will primarily be placed in major metropolitan areas like New York City, Los Angeles and Toronto, however the recent announcement about Washington State leaves us hopeful that electric car stations will be rapidly adopted across the board.

Washington State is proud to announce another important step toward enabling broad adoption of electric vehicles,” said Rogers Weed, Director of the state Department of Commerce. “Partnering to deliver charging infrastructure is essential in Washington, and this initiative keeps us moving in the right direction, promoting local jobs, rural businesses and clean energy.
-The Department of Commerce and the Washington State Department of Transportation press release

Source: Engadget, Washington State Press Release Image Source:Ridelust


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    each time closer to save some gas and waste some energy, would be a great idea to have those chargers receiving solar energy.

    what model is that car on the picture?

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    Hello Brodie,
    thank you for an inspiring article.

    Wow! The future can be here and very clean and scenic on top of it. Cool! 8)
    This is a very good development for being able to live in a metropolitan city and breath nice air instead of polution. Finally the future can start in 2011. :) Thumbs up! d’_’b


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