ElectroHub Charges Almost Any Device – Smartphones, TV Remotes & Toys

ElectroHub Charging Station

Charging stations like the PowerMat are incredibly handy tools, especially for gadget geeks handling multiple devices. However, they’re not perfect. They usually have their limitations and only offer support for a limited number gadgets, namely smartphones that additionally require special cases in order to use. As an example, to charge the Nintendo DS or iPhone using the PowerMat, users are required to fit on a special PowerMat compatible receiver and cases.

The ElectroHub Charging Station is unique from other wireless gadget-charger stations. It works with both AA & AAA ElectroHub batteries that replace the device’s original batteries to make the device compatible and it charges up to six devices at a time. Now obviously smartphones don’t take double-A batteries so you’ll still need to use the add-on case to charge your Android or iPhone but it does widen up compatibility to more gadgets.

This adds support for things like game controllers, TV remotes, cameras and toys. Potentially it should work with any gadget that takes a replaceable AA/AAA battery. There’s no price yet on the additional smartphone cases but we know extra batteries will cost about $10 and the mat itself will cost $39. Both AA & AAA ElectroHub batteries are available although the mat will only ship with a single set of AA.

We’ll have a clearer idea of how this product works when it debuts at CES in January. Overall I like the idea of being able to charge my AA-battery powered Trump doll and iPhone on the same charging mat.

(Source CNET )


  1. BPR639geek (Bruce R.) says

    Of all the gadgets I’ve seen lately, these charging mats are the most convenient methods of portable device charging. I can see a very large public making full use of them. But I will want to know if the charge rate will be similar or equal to a plug-in charger. Inductive coupling (which is the heart of these devices) tend to charge their respective battery sources slower. But it is a great idea & should take off as planned. “B”