Electronic Arts Releases Origin Alpha for Mac

Origin LogoBack in August, I reported that Electronic Arts was bringing its Origin Store to the Mac.  Origin is EA’s analog to Vale  Today is that day, EA has released an Alpha version of the store software.

And when I mean Alpha, I do mean Alpha.  The initial release only gives you access to your game library, there is no access to the store.  That might have something to do with the fact that no Mac games exist at this point in the game.  Fortunately, they do comp you a copy of Book Worm by EA subsidiary Pop Cap Games so you’ll have something to play with.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty light fare and not even full screen.

The interface is clean and straightforward.  It seems to be much faster and far less resource intensive.  Of course, that could have something to do with the stripped down nature of the alpha.  Take my speed observations with a grain of salt.  It also seems pretty stable, but also take that with a grain of salt since there is no store.
There isn’t a firm release date for the full version, but logically you’d expect it to ship when the new Sim City ships for Mac.  There isn’t a firm date on that either, but we do know it will ship after the PC Version’s early March launch.  Seeing as this is an alpha, I would also expect to see a more fully-featured Beta between now and then.

EA Origin Alpha