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Battleship Meets Words with Friends

Want to sink naval fleets belonging to friends and strangers around the world? Check out BattleFriends at Sea, available for iOS and Android.

Twitter Rolls Out Vine

Twitter has unleashed its recent acquisition Vine for direct embedding of videos in tweets.

Work with Google Slides Offline

Slides, Google’s cloud-based presentation software, will now work offline – if you are using the Chrome browser or Chrome OS.

Google Image Search Gets Makeover

Google’s Image Search is being revamped with an entirely new results layout. You’ll be able to view and select images faster and see metadata about pictures.

Ketchup Presser Puts an End to Wasted Condiments

This concept for a Ketchup Presser would help you squeeze all of the ketchup out of those packets without getting it all over you and everything else.

Release Date for Surface with Windows 8 Pro

We finally have a rollout date for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro. The $900 tablet will be available on February 9th at Staples, Best Buy and Microsoft’s clicks and mortar stores.

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3 Responses

  1. Bruce R.(BPR639Geek)

    I like the embedded video on twitter, but is it only for mobile devices? I’m not a big ketchup fan, but when I do use the packets & can’t get it all out, I’ll just open another, cool idea though!!! Yes I like this format, very much, it shows a more loosened up format, more open & friendly. I’d love to see more ;-)

    So you need more T shirts A Cali!!! “B”

      • Bruce R.(BPR639Geek)

        Ben do you know if the twitter videos will work on PCs? 3 vintage T shirts she has now, hmmm!!! (he said in perfect Yoda speak)… “B”