Exclusive: LEAKED Official Apple iPad Mini Promo Video

Hey folks, it just so happened that one of our unnamed sources sent us this video which is purported to be the new iPad Mini promo video commercial that Apple has prepared for distribution of their latest new product.

Sales are projected to be HUGE for this new miniature tablet, in fact Apple believes the new smaller iPad will sell in record-breaking numbers. Just like the New iPad. The iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S… 4… 3GS… well, you get the picture…


  1. HernanSenaTion says

    This is Fraud.! It is not even clear if they are pertaining to an iPad Mini or an iPhone. T’was unbelievable that some person believe it!!

  2. says

    Boy are you behind, John. Apple just released the iPad Mini V2 delivering as of Monday. You can hold 2 of them in your hand. Comes in colors too! Has a 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display that’s great for browsing album art, photos, videos and more. And just like it’s big brother, it does not make phone calls. And coming at just $149, however this cost savings is made by the fact that it does not do the internet. Or apps either except for the fitness, video, podcast, music, photo apps). However, it has a built in radio unlike either the iPad or the iPad mini you leaked to us. And, another cost savings (as in both a feature and future lawsuits), no Siri. Just VoiceOver that just reads what is on the screen, ONLY limited to the names of onscreen menus, songs, or artists — with a tap of a finger. FYI for you on a shipping product. No need to wait for an Apple invite for this one. Just go to the Apple Store and buy it. Or Best Buy, or Target, or Walmart…

    • Profile photo of John P. says

      DAMN! I am so behind the times… I dont’ know WHY Apple never sends Cali or I an invite to their big announcements…

      John P.

  3. Seth says

    Biggest TROLL EVER! hahah. It’s early morning and I’m very tired, but decided to check this out. For the first 15 seconds I was SO disoriented. Good one!

  4. João says

    “You’re also… getting very sleepy”.
    At least they admit that this video is utterly boring.

  5. Daniel says

    Have you seen the Samsung Note? It’s the ugliest shit ever made. Way to big for a phone and to small for a tablet. Where are the android jokes? Haha. C’mon people, don’t hate on apple. They might try to sue you! Nah I kid. We all have our opinions. But I never will truly understand why people hate and reticule Apple’s devices. And no. I’m no fanboy. I like and own both. (iPhone and Android based smart phone)

  6. Enr says

    hahahahahahaha!!!… Living afraid of Samsung… at the end of the video says … and Samsung can suck it…. hahahaha so funny …. be very scary….ooooohh….. funny video :) Enough!!!! of expensive stuff!!!

  7. says

    That’s certainly well done. But, wait! Let me check my calendar…October…hmmm…thought for a minute that I slept to April 1.
    Thanks, guys!

  8. MTPFlyers says

    For a sec there in the video I thought you were talking about the Reese’s mini peanut butter cup.. LOL