Exoskeletons Move Toward the Mainstream with the x-Ar

x-Ar arm support exoskeletonWe’ve seen exoskeleton devices before, human-wearable tech armor that makes lifting heavy items much easier. These are often science fiction-esque suits marketed for military or heavy industrial use, such as the Raytheon XOS 2. But exo-skeletal assists need not be as bulky as that.

The x-Ar arm support from Equipois is made for more common uses, taking weight off bones and muscles during hours of repetitive movements such as those experienced by assembly line workers or people in some office situations. The main support is attached to a floor or desk, then, the worker’s arms are supported by loose cuffs. Movement is very fluid (and fast) and can follow the person’s reach in a very natural way. While the first applications are expected to be industrial and workplace-related, the company has plans to move later versions in medical directions, potentially helping disabled people regain fuller arm movement.

(via Engadget)


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    Hello Dave,
    thank you for finding this great subject.

    That x-Ar exoskeleton can have an awesome impact with people that have a lot of repetitive work todo like data typists which would solve a lot of injuries because of that type of work.

    It could also help the disabled people become less disabled and more a part of the real world. Which is even more awesome in my view.

    I only hope that profit companies pick up the tab for the non-profit sector, that way everybody wins, in my opinion.

    Take care,